Alessandro Bastagli

Alessandro Bastagli

Chairman of the Board of Director

Alessandro Bastagli established the Florence-based A. Moda S.p.A in July 1978 and took the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors, which he still holds today.

  1. Moda S.p.A. is a subsidiary of the Gruppo Finalba S.r.l., a holding company that acquires corporate shares and deals in real-estate investments.
  1. Moda’s continuing growth has made it into not only an important market and industrial reality but has also transformed it into one of the leading entities in the economic fabric of Tuscany.

The company extends across a surface area of roughly 13,000 square meters, in extremely modern facilities, located in Scarperia (Florence), which are built and equipped according to the most advanced technological criteria.

The brands produced and marketed by A. Moda over the years include famous names such as Gianni Versace, Gold’s Gym, Neil Pryde, Go Silk, Henry Lehr Jeans, Alpha Industries, Smith’s American, Momo Design, and Police.

Specializing in clothing and accessories for men, women and children, with special emphasis on sportswear and activewear, A. Moda currently has a portfolio that includes both the directly owned brands of Dimensione Danza, Dimensione Danza Sisters and Empire; and those under licensing agreements, like Everlast.

The brand extension projects of Dimensione Danza and Dimensione Danza Sisters are managed under licensing agreements and by third-party partners.

The company currently distributes its own products in Italy and the rest of the world through a global wholesale network.

Always aware of the market’s demands, and working with world-famous in-house and outside designers, A. Moda consistently aims for innovation in styling and graphics, and constant research on materials and special treatments to satisfy the many and changing needs of an increasingly demanding consumer.

In 2016, the owner’s son, Edoardo Bastagli, joined A.Moda, bringing a new energy and further innovation in terms of research onto materials, technical innovation, and stylistic research.