Everlast is a name that is synonymous with the world of sports, not just boxing, but also everything in the modern and original field of fitness.

This American story began in New York, and almost by chance in 1910, and soon became a lasting legend through the most beautiful images of world champions. The adventure began with the brilliant insight of the seventeen-year-old Jacob Golomb, a tailor’s son who began designing and manufacturing sports equipment, mainly for boxing. And then one day, he had an idea that would win over the world: boxing trunks with an elastic waistband instead of the uncomfortable and outdated leather band that boxers had been wearing nearly forever.

The boxer trunks became famous almost immediately and were soon being used for underwear and as external outerwear.

Years of international success and glory consecrated a unique and distinctive look that captured generations of champions.

Then in 1988, when the brand was at the peak of its fame, came Alessandro Bastagli. By reinterpreting sports clothing in a modern and fashion-oriented key, moving away from the solid-colour tracksuit, he obtained the exclusive license for Italy to manufacture all of the company’s sports clothing for men, women and children and distribute it in the country’s best stores.

Season after season, the company has been producing collections that are all in step with contemporary fashion trends and focused on wellness philosophy.

In 2018, the clothing collection was joined by new sleepwear and underwear collections for women, men, and children.

taly are highly admired and sought-after by licensees around the world.