Thanks to the ideas, insight and determination of Alessandro Bastagli, current Chairman of the Board of Directors, who is now flanked by his son Edoardo Bastagli, A. Moda S.p.A. has attained worldwide recognition as one of the leading names in the fashion and sports clothing sectors.
Over the years, the company has manufactured and distributed internationally renowned brands in Italy and abroad, such as Gianni Versace, Gold’s Gym, Neil Pryde, Go Silk, Henry Lehr Jeans, Alpha Industries, Smith’s American, Momo Design, and Police.
Today, A. Moda has a portfolio that includes the directly owned brands of Dimensione Danza, Dimensione Danza Sisters, and Empire, and those under licensing agreements like Everlast. The brand extension projects of Dimensione Danza and Dimensione Danza Sisters are managed under licensing agreements and by third-party partners.

Every collection stands out for its innovative stylistic research, graphics, and superior product quality.