The brand VIRTUS PALESTRE began in 1980, right in the beginning of a decade of worldwide transformations. Thanks to fashion, music, movies and to widespread economic welfare, the eighties became in fact, in its own way, a meeting point for new styles, renovations and revolutions, creating an amazing euphoria; it was a turning point in the history of the twentieth century, defined today as “the legendary 80’s”.

In those years Italian fashion sets the stage for a brilliant success, through imagination and a unique craftsmanship, capable of pouring in clothing the so called “Brand” and the feeling of deep values and desires that go beyond the requirements of simple dressing .

People chose their clothing to distinguish themselves, to show themselves, to play roles and respond to expectations of beauty and style.

Virtus Palestre begins in a unique period of a great change, it focuses its collections on the values associated with the world of sports, expressed with new and revisited clothing, starting with the gym and then bringing it out into everyday street lifestyle, proposing a new fashion for fashion itself.

A “Made in Italy” that is unique, made with quality materials and hides the creativity of an unconventional design.

The Logo has two precise identities: the connection between sports and fashion. Sportsmanship and fashion are tied into a lifestyle that allows you to live every moment of everyday in an extraordinary comfort.

It is a garment that sets trends and has an ability to change and interpret needs, it stitches onto those who choose comfort and exclusive style.

A unique style that always goes through the fashions without being contaminated by other trends, creating its own fashion and its on going style.

An original personality that continues to possess its own character, determination and desire to experiment.

All of this is translated in every item of Virtus Palestre.

From the 80’s until tomorrow.