Dimensione Danza was founded in Milan in 1983 by Nadia Necchi, a classical ballet dancer, and her husband, Enrico Baroni who is a famous and talented fashion designer. Both are in love with their chosen professions.

Nadia and Enrico combined their two passions, dance and fashion. After a long and stimulating period in New York, Nadia and Enrico realized exactly where they wanted to go. About thirty years ago, Dimensione Danza was the first Italian company to import the streetwear style inspired by dance and the clothing Broadway dancers wear in the practice room and on the street.

And a totally new concept in clothing came into being: Dimensione Danza interprets the fit and fabrics of the dance world in a key that combines fashion with technical comfort, femininity and meticulous attention to detail.

The Dimensione Danza collections are the beacon of a very personal lifestyle – that is everyday life, passions and interests.

Today, Ginger Baroni, the daughter of Nadia and Enrico, is the creative director guiding the Dimensione Danza philosophy to make it evolve and keep step with the times.

In 2012, to further strengthen the brand, Dimensione Danza and A. Moda entered into a partnership agreement to increase their presence in Italy and expand distribution on foreign markets.

Alessandro Bastagli joined the Dimensione Danza Board of Directors as chairman, and through an innovative licensing agreement, A. Moda took charge of producing and distributing the women’s collection worldwide as of the 2013 spring-summer season.

Starting with the 2014/14 fall-winter season, Dimensione Danza gave A. Moda the license for manufacturing and distributing the junior collection, Dimensione Danza Sisters. It is a clothing line that plays with new concepts in garments with comfortable fits and harmonious color combinations.

Dimensione Danza e Amici di Maria De Filippi tornano insieme: inizia lo show.

Seguitelo da sabato 7 febbraio su Canale 5 alle 14:10 e da lunedì a venerdì su Real Time alle 13:50.

Dopo quasi 10 anni dal fortunato esordio in TV Dimensione Danza ritrova vecchi “Amici”, il celebre talent show di Maria De Filippi nato nel 2001, in onda in questa stagione con la 14° edizione.
Il 2015 sarà un anno di grande visibilità per Dimensione Danza. Oltre alla campagna pubblicitaria che ha presidiato e presidierà i mezzi della carta stampata e delle affissioni, Dimensione Danza tornerà ad essere visibile anche in TV.